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Realistic Realty Photography is commited to providing Real Estate Agents, Home Owners, and Home Buyers with quality, affordable digital photography solutions to facilitate sales and rentals. 

Your photographer is Chip Jackson owner of Realistic Realty Photography LLC.  I am in the business of real estate photography, I am not new to taking pictures. My first 35mm camera was purchased while in high school.  Most of our family functions I am the unofficial photographer.  I have enjoyed providing pictures to my family over the years and recently chose to change my hobby into a business.  I own a Canon 80D digital camera, coupled with the proper lens to capture the home's spaces and bring to the viewer High Definition pictures.  My objective to continue to learn more and improve my craft and my expertise provide the best still HDR photos to my clients.  In addition to still photos I am very pleased to introduce the Mississippi Gulf Coast area to 3-D virtual interactive tours through the use of a camera produced by Matterport.  The Matterport 3-D virtual interactive tour is a hosted link that allows the viewer to see a property as if they were in the property.  The viewer can see 360 degrees in each space and has the ability to look at the ceiling and floor too.

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